Positive Snake Avoidance Training – An Interview with A Colorado Dog Trainer

Posted on May 1st, 2019 by FetchMasters in Behavior Modification, Positive Dog Training, Resources, Snake Avoidance Training

Dog Training is ever-evolving, and the Denver, Colorado, area is an epicenter of much of that evolution. Positive Snake Avoidance Training is one of the newest additions to the body of changes occurring in the dog training industry.

I recently interviewed Colorado Dog Trainer, Amy Hughes-Creaven, who has created a protocol to teach dogs to avoid snakes without the use shock-collars or fear-based methods.

After hearing all the chatter in the dog training community about Amy, I had to interview her. In the interview, she discusses how her positive methodology compares and contrasts with the more traditional, shock-based method of snake avoidance training.


For more information, you can contact Amy directly at www.tydt.dog or by emailing her at [email protected].

Snake Avoidance Training