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Puppy and Dog Training in Denver, Colorado

FetchMasters offers dog training in Denver, Colorado, and the greater metro area via private coaching, in-home training, group classes and board-and-train.

Our Dog Training Services

FetchMasters specializes in both in high-performance obedience training and behavior modification for most issues. We use primarily positive, dog-friendly, scientifically sound methods to train puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Therefore, we do not use e-collars, choke chains, pinch collars or other heavily aversive tools or techniques in our training. See our Philosophy Statement.

In addition to our pet dog training, we also offer Positive Gun Dog Training for dogs that pass our evaluation process. Currently, we train hunting dogs for upland bird hunting only. If you want your dog evaluated for hunting dog work, please fill out our contact form. Also, please note that we offer gun dog training via private coaching only.

Our Denver/Aurora Service Area

FetchMasters services Denver, Colorado, and most of the greater metro area, including parts of Lakewood, Englewood, Littleton, Aurora and Arvada. In general, we serve the areas South of I-70, North of C-470, East of Golden and West of E-470. We occasionally accept board-and-train dogs from surrounding States.

We also serve the towns east of Denver, Colorado, along the I-70 corridor including Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers and Deer Trail.

FetchMasters also maintains 300 acres of field-type terrain northeast of Denver, Colorado, and 7 acres in Aurora, Colorado, where we do much of our high-distraction obedience training and field work.

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers

Thomas Aaron (CPDT-KA) and Linda Aaron (CPDT-KA) are the owners of FetchMasters. They spend most of their time conducting dog training in Denver, Colorado, focusing on pet dog obedience training and behavior modification. However, they regularly present workshops across the United States. These workshops focus on educating other professional dog trainers about FetchMasters’ state-of-the-art approach to positive gun dog training and developing off-leash reliability by using primarily positive reinforcement training and avoiding the use of highly aversive tools and techniques.

We also maintain a staff of junior and mid-level dog trainers, who we hand-pick based on personality, aptitude and dedication to customer service. We believe that it is not enough for a dog trainer to just love puppies; if a trainer does not love people too, they have no place at FetchMasters. After being properly screened, new dog trainers proceed through a structured program that teaches our dog training approach. Once they attain proficiency in the required skillsets, we assign them to our board-and-train dogs, on-site private coaching and in-home training programs, and group classes in Denver and the surrounding areas.

All our dog trainers are supervised by Tom or Linda to ensure consistency of approach, quality of work, and to track the progress being made by the dogs and puppies in our various dog training programs. All our clients have an open door to contact Tom or Linda directly with any problems they are having.

FetchMasters’ Dog Training Philosophy

Our methodology is a versatile combination of positive reinforcement dog training techniques and specialized handling and proofing methods, combined with a focus on developing appropriate, functional relationships between humans and dogs. The methodology we use to train pet dogs is derived from our positive gun dog training background, in which we developed an expertise in training high-strung sporting dogs to perform reliably in highly-distracting environments. Those things, combined with our dedication to keeping our approach friendly to puppies, adult dogs and people has created what we believe is the perfect dog training approach.

Our unique approach to dog training rewards the dog for control, calmness and responsiveness. These traits serve well both in the home and high-distraction off-leash environments. Additionally, strong obedience training lends itself to solving most behavior problems. 

We do not ascribe to ourselves any faddish or marketing-centric, codeword terms used by many dog trainers. However, we insist on maintaining transparency about the approach and techniques our dog trainers use. Therefore, all of our obedience training and behavior modification work is strictly in accordance with our stated approach.

In short, we use positive reinforcement techniques and commit ourselves to not using aversive equipment and heavy-handed techniques. Therefore, we do not use e-collars, prong collars or choke chains. We also do not scruff-shake dogs, alpha-roll them, strike them, throw things at them or squirt them, or leash-pop them.

Support and Customer Service

We back all of our obedience training and behavior modification services with our excellent Customer Service Policy. This includes providing as positive an experience with our clients as we do with our dogs. We guarantee the quality of our dog training in Denver in two ways. First, we provide unlimited email and phone support to all FetchMasters clients. Second, we provide free on-site tune-up sessions for clients whose dogs have been through our dog training programs.

What We Do

Dog training in Denver

Group Classes

Both fun and challenging, our group dog training classes build strong handling skills and superb responsiveness from your dog. We primarily train outdoors in the presence of other dogs, people and prey animals. This builds a level of performance suitable for off-leash activities, hiking and enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors. 

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Dog training in Denver

Private Coaching and Virtual Training

Private Coaching at our facility — amongst the difficult distractions we provide — supercharges your training experience by giving you one-on-one guidance for developing the best possible relationship and communication with your dog. Don’t want to waste money and time driving on the highways? In most cases, our private coaching can be quite effective when done virtually.

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Dog training in Denver

Dog Training Workshops

Not only to we present dog training workshops nationally, but we host them right here at home! Keep an eye on our social media accounts (@fetchmasters on Instagram, and facebook.com/fetchmasters) to receive notifications of upcoming events. Helpful to both dog owners and dog trainers alike, our workshops present our unique approach to high-distraction dog training.

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