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Ever since FetchMasters was founded in 2009, we’ve made quite a name for ourselves as some of the best dog trainers in Denver. We believe that all the positive feedback is due to our educational focus, our positive reinforcement training techniques, and our customer service, but that’s not all. To read even more reviews, please check us out on Yelp and Google!

FetchMasters’ Client Feedback


I contacted FetchMasters for training for my miniature schnauzer, Dolly, because she got overly excited and barked a lot when encountering other dogs. I would walk her in the neighborhood and she would react towards other leashed dogs, dogs behind fences, rabbits, etc. When she barked she would also tug at the leash. It made our walks unpleasant, which was frustrating since we both love being and walking together.

The techniques our FetchMasters trainer showed Dolly and I were very simple. They were focused on getting Dolly to focus more on me and less on the other dogs. She also showed me how to steer Dolly away from stressful situations in the neighborhood with quick redirection strategies. We worked on everything in an incremental way – constantly building on the foundation we were given.

Dolly really responded to being positively reinforced with treats and praise! I had a trainer from another company work with some schnauzers I had over 10 years ago who used choke collar training. The method FetchMasters used with simple behavior modification and positive reinforcement was MUCH MORE effective.

I am very happy and excited that Dolly is walking more loosely on her leash, barking much less, and we are both enjoying our walks around the neighborhood much more! Happy to say we have clear strategies on how to avoid leash aggression and they are working. Thank you so much to these dog trainers in Denver!

Kris Homes Lakewood, Colorado


FetchMasters Review - Ace: Review for our dog trainers in Denver

My dog Ace passed the CGC and TDI test with flying colors. His recall was flawless when it was a short distance and with no distractions. However, Ace had to be leashed up just to put him in the car. He had to be escorted because given the chance he would run to sniff/pee on a fence where some other dogs lived around the corner. The problem with this was that there is traffic between the car and where he “needed” to get to.

When I took him on vacation with several other friends and their dogs, the dogs ran off while hiking off leash. All the dogs came to their owners when called, except Ace. He gave me that look that said “in a minute mom.” He worried me so much I made the decision right then and there that his recall would become a priority for me when I returned home.

Ace and I had been through all kinds of training since he was a pup. I have connections with dog trainers all over the Denver area. I immediately reached out to them while doing my own research for the perfect person to assist me with Ace. I didn’t want a typical recall class — it didn’t seem to fit me and my dogs needs for something more reliable.

A trainer friend suggested I look up Thomas Aaron and FetchMasters. I researched him thoroughly, found articles about and by him, looked at his website, and asked other trainers about him. Everyone had a high opinion of him and his unique way of working with hunting dogs with all positive reinforcement. I might add at this point that I had worked with another trainer recently who incorporated some aversive training, and it had succeeded in diluting Ace’s recall. I knew that kind of training would never work for us.

Tom sent his senior trainer to meet with me.

After the first lesson, I noted a change in Ace. He was eager and excited to learn and please me. It only took a few weeks and Ace passed the ultimate test. He was let off leash and demonstrated that he was getting in the “habit” of staying close to me, and his recall with distractions was superb. I was astounded and in pure disbelief that I was able to let and trust him off leash.

The training that I received from FetchMasters along with lots and lots of practice had paid off! I continue to work with Ace, and everyday is a triumph. His progress is notable with each session we have. Ace is “looking to me” for my approval and permission before making decisions on his own.

Although I don’t have a hunting dog, Thomas’ trainer was able to customize a training program that worked for me and Ace. I will be forever grateful to FetchMasters for all their assistance. I know in my heart that they have contributed to saving my dogs life.

Julie Montilla-Goad Thornton, Colorado


FetchMasters Review - Max: Review for our dog trainers in Denver

Tom worked with me and my dog Max to learn a few basic obedience skills — but to mainly fix Max’s house training problems. He was always on time and Max was always pumped to see him!

I feel so much better about Max and his potty issues. He went from having multiple accidents a day to almost none. We are still working on these skills, after the course wrapped up! Max learned things like sit, stay, come, down and leave it. These are so fun to work with him on because he keeps progressing and learning new things!

He also taught max how to walk on a leash correctly and I must say it is an awesome when we are at the park! Overall I was very pleased with FetchMasters and Tom! Highly Recommended! 🙂

Katie McArdle Denver, Colorado

Deshka - Wheaton Terrier: Review for our dog trainers in Denver

Deshka – Wheaton Terrier

We felt the service was very personal and tailored to our specific needs and circumstances. The training was informative to us as the pet owners and produced quick results as long as we were consistent with our homework. (You could tell when we hadn’t done our homework.) These are tools we will be able to continue to use as our puppy grows and matures. Wheaton Terriers have a reputation for being strong-willed and difficult. With FetchMasters’ guidance Deshka is very obedient and continues to learn quickly! She will probably always be strong-willed, however she is so well behaved our friends can’t believe it. Thank you, FetchMasters!

Bill and Brooke Momblow Parker, Colorado


Saying that we have been extremely satisfied would not do justice to how we feel about FetchMasters! Linda has exceeded our expectations every single time. She has always managed to take the time to listen to our specific concerns and make the process respond to our particular needs rather than coming in with a “one size fits all” approach. Linda has made the process feel like a collaboration rather than merely a training; that has made a world of difference both in our dogs’ progress as well as in our confidence to make this a lifestyle. We will continue to work with FetchMasters and look forward to recommending these dog trainers in Denver to everyone!

Gelissa García


Review for our dog trainers in Denver

Thank you so much FetchMasters!
I am feeling more confident each day knowing that I can do this!

Tom and Linda are pretty amazing people and have changed the future for myself and our amazing dog Guthrie. Guthrie has been very reactive since we rescued him as a puppy. And with some good training with other trainers as a puppy and me practicing he did improve but he was still way too reactive with other dogs to walk in the neighborhood or take him most places. And he had very little impulse control in general. After a couple of intense episodes near our home recently with him lunging and thrashing at dogs I became overwhelmed and started isolating him only taking him out behind our house or other deserted areas. This was becoming so stressful and I knew something had to change.

Thankfully I recently found FetchMasters and Guthrie and I are on our way to a more confident life out in the world! With Tom and Linda’s help, we have come so far in five sessions. I’m still amazed thinking of his first session lunging and thrashing at the end of the leash to his later sessions where we walked by multiple dogs within 8 feet of each other and even went into the pet resort and passed dogs in hallways! This would have never ever happened two months ago…

…Guthrie and I are celebrating our progress and I am committed to working toward our goals together. Thanks FetchMasters for what you did for us and for all you do to make dogs lives better! See you at our next session!

Stacey M. Littleton, Colorado


I recently attended the FetchMasters Positive Gun Dog seminar in the Dallas Texas area. Although I am not a hunter, I am a professional dog trainer and it was a breath of fresh air to see such honesty and ‘real world training’ from Tom and Linda. Many of the skills they taught can easily be used for any dog, competitive obedience, or just a pet! If you have a chance to attend one of their workshops, I highly recommend it!

Karen D. Fort Worth, Texas


My yellow lab, Tucker, and I just finished a great training with Linda. When I adopted him last year, he was older and pretty well behaved, but we had a lot of work to do as far as structure and commands. (And let’s be honest, I had a lot of learning to do as the human). Linda was patient but directive with both of us and we both emerged well trained with a completed level 1. And she was accommodating to my schedule. I would highly suggest FetchMasters for anyone – with a pup young or old!

Meredith G. Denver, Colorado


In Home Dog Training: Review for our dog trainers in Denver

We employed FetchMasters to train our 5-month old Labrador puppy, Shelby. Our goal was to teach her basic commands for obedience and safety. Our sessions with Tom far exceeded our expectations.

The training was excellent in every way. Tom was very thorough, patient and positive. His hands-on and fun training techniques were perfect for our dog and family. He would introduce a command and then have each of us practice with Shelby. Tom was also fantastic about getting our boys, ages nine and thirteen, involved in the sessions.

In six weeks, we learned sit, down, focus, come, sit-stay at the front door, heel, fetch, leave it, and loose-leash walking. Our dog also learned how to be gentle when receiving treats, as well as a number of other good dog manners. In addition, he provided valuable lesson summaries and homework sheets for our ongoing review. We also learned that training does not end when the sessions are over. For the benefit of everyone involved, we practice daily to ensure continued success.

Finally, Tom took as much time as needed to provide comprehensive answers to every one of our questions regarding training and general pet-related issues.

Our dog and family truly benefited from the superb in-home training we received. We highly recommend Tom and FetchMasters and have already referred him to several of our friends. Thanks again for everything!

Mike, Karen, Kevin, Scotty and Shelby Day Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Hunter - Catahoula: Review for our dog trainers in Denver

Hunter – Catahoula

Tom’s genuine concern for our dog and the issues we needed to work through made working with FetchMasters a wonderful experience. It’s not everyday that you come across a customer service based business that still believes in a work ethic and integrity. We will recommend FetchMasters to anyone looking for dog trainers in Denver from basic obedience to more serious behavior issues.

Shari and Paul Romanowski Arvada, Colorado