Leash Reactivity/Dog Aggression Training in Denver

Leash Aggression (also known as Leash Reactivity) is a frustrating dog behavior problem — both for the dog and its owner. Whether the problem is based on over-enthusiasm or fear towards oncoming dogs or people, FetchMasters’ can help you out with top-quality leash reactivity and dog aggression training in Denver.



Learn more about why your dog has leash reactivity / leash aggression.

FetchMasters takes a three-pronged approach to solving leash aggression problems:

  1. Owner Education. Unfortunately, owners often figure heavily into many dog behavior problems, and leash reactivity is no exception. It is imperative that owners learn to control themselves correctly, both physically and psychologically, when handling their leash-aggressive dogs. When you are finished with our dog aggression training in Denver, you will know everything you need to know to move about safely with your dog.
  2. Dog Training. There are several aspects of dog training that lend themselves to fixing leash aggression: the development of impulse control, desensitization to triggers, counter-conditioning the dog’s understanding of various triggers, etc. We use a number of important dog training protocols to help dogs on leash feel more comfortable around other dogs and people.
  3. Handling Techniques: There are correct and incorrect ways to handle leash aggressive dogs. We will teach you how to handle your dog in ways that make it feel more comfortable on-leash in the presence of other dogs and people. Additionally, we also will equip you with numerous ways to handle various situations.

We have developed a comprehensive program specifically meant to accomplish all of these goals in a gentle, dog-friendly, positive way.

Our comprehensive Program for Leash Reactivity & Dog Aggression Training in Denver includes:

  • Three private coaching sessions to make you a better dog handler.
  • A block of five sessions in our highly specialized Leash Aggression Ongoing Support Group Class to help you apply  both your dog’s newly trained skills, as well as your own, to your dog’s leash aggression problem.

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