Leash Aggression Training in Denver

Leash aggression, or leash reactivity, is one of the most frustrating dog behavior problems — both for the dog and its owner. Whether your dog’s leash problem is due to their own over-enthusiasm or a recurring fear towards oncoming dogs or people, our trainers at FetchMasters can help you out with top-quality leash reactivity and leash aggression training in Denver. We are constantly supporting and training puppies and adult dogs to improve their behaviors while on the leash.

What is Leash Aggression?

Leash aggression is a common behavioral problem for many dogs that is most frequently triggered by fear or frustration. This trait is exactly what it sounds like: a dog who may normally be friendly with other dogs and/or people can sometimes become reactive and aggressive to those same dogs and individuals when attached to a leash.

It’s relatively easy to spot leash reactivity or leash aggression in dogs because they tend to show signs of anxiety or fear when leashed. These may include signs like:

  • Cowering
  • Ears held back
  • Escape behaviors
  • Excessive vocalizations
  • Keeping head lower than back
  • Tail tucked under
  • Timidity
  • Trembling
  • An overly tense posture with tail wagging faster than normal

As the condition becomes more ingrained, your pet may show more aggressive behaviors such as lunging or barking, which are more characteristic of the condition. It’s in your best interest and the best interest of your dog to address leash aggression/reactivity sooner rather than later because it not only makes it harder to manage your dog in social settings, but leash reactivity can cause other troubling behavioral problems to develop.



Leash reactivity and leash aggression can be caused by a multitude of contributing factors. Most commonly, leash aggression can develop because of the nature of the leash itself and how you utilize the leash. For instance, if your dog is trying to reach something interesting but is held back by your leash, it simultaneously frustrates their ability to investigate and frequently causes them pain, which negatively reinforces curious behaviors and instills more aggressive responses.

To learn more about why your dog has leash reactivity/leash aggression, check out our in-depth blog article on the causes of leash aggression in dogs.

FetchMasters Takes a Three-Tiered Approach to Leash Aggression Training in Denver:

  1. Owner Education. It should come as no surprise that dog owners often figure heavily into many dog behavior problems, and leash reactivity is no exception. It is imperative that owners learn how to control themselves correctly, both physically and psychologically, when handling their leash-aggressive dogs. When you are finished with our leash aggression training in Denver, you will know everything you need to know to move about safely with your dog.
  2. Positive Dog Training Techniques. To fix leash aggression problems, we prioritize positive training techniques and strategies that focus on several key areas: the development of impulse control, desensitization to triggers, counter-conditioning the dog’s understanding of various triggers, and more. These dog training protocols are structured to help dogs feel more comfortable around other dogs and people when on a leash.
  3. Handling Techniques. There are correct and incorrect ways to handle leash aggressive dogs. We will teach you how to appropriately handle your dog in ways that make it feel more comfortable on-leash in the presence of other dogs and people. Additionally, we also will equip you with numerous ways to handle various difficult and stressful situations.

We have developed a comprehensive leash reactivity/leash aggression program specifically meant to accomplish all of these goals in a gentle, dog-friendly, and positive way.

A Comprehensive Program for Leash Reactivity & Leash Aggression Training in Denver

Please keep in mind we do not accept dogs with human-directed aggression in our programs. However, if your dog struggles with human-directed aggression, we can provide trusted referrals for your needs.

Our Intensive Leash Aggression Program has achieved a 93% success rate with dogs that are not human-aggressive, and we’ve even seen success with many dogs from high-rise apartments and community settings. This structured program for leash aggression training in Denver includes:

  • Five private coaching sessions to make you a better dog handler. We’ll cover basic obedience, relationship development, and counter-conditioning training.
  • Eight group class sessions that run in conjunction with our Strong Foundations Class. These sessions focus on desensitization, counter-conditioning, specialized leash aggression training protocols, and real-world handling strategies and emergency measures.

Get Started with Leash Reactivity Training in Denver

Do you dread taking your dog out for walks? Do they struggle to interact appropriately with other dogs while on their leash? If so, our Leash Aggression Program is perfect for your dog. At FetchMasters, we use positive dog training techniques and strategies to positively reinforce desired behaviors without cruel or aversive methods. We’ll help correct your dog’s issues while on leash so you can both enjoy your leisurely strolls and outdoor activities together.

Contact us today to learn more about our leash aggression training, class availability, programs, pricing, and more.