Premack Principle – The Essence of Positive Reinforcement

Posted on May 15th, 2019 by FetchMasters in Positive Dog Training

Most of my readers know that FetchMasters specializes both in off-leash obedience and Positive Gun Dog Training. However, many of you probably are not aware of our private online group, Positive Gun Dog Training Pro. In that group, I’ve created some instructional videos for various dog training tasks.

Today, we started a new training series on developing reliable recall — that is, coming when called in difficult circumstances. To launch this latest series, I posted a podcast that discusses a positive training technique called the Premack Principle. While much of what we do in the PGDT-Pro group is heavily slanted towards hunting dogs, the Premack Principle has wide application to all positive dog trainers and dog owners. In fact, it could be a helpful tool in any dog trainer’s toolbox, regardless of their overall philosophy.

Because of that, I wanted to share this particular podcast publicly. Hope you enjoy.