Why You Should Work with the Best Dog Trainer in Denver

While this website represents the PET dog side of our business, our pet dog training skills and perspectives were developed mostly from our experience training high-drive hunting dogs in high-distraction, prey-infested environments. To give you some perspective, we currently do obedience training for about 1,000 pet dogs per year, and we train about 100 hunting dogs per year. That’s a high workload, but not an impossible one for the best dog trainer in Denver.

Some of the videos below pertain more to the gun dog training side of our business moreso than pet dog training side, but we think they will give you a feel for who we are both as Denver dog trainers and as people.


The Dunning-Kruger Effect, and It’s Impact on Dog Training in Denver

This video is about a phenomenon that is particularly prevalent in the Denver dog training community. Dog trainers and dog owners should be aware of it.


The Story of How FetchMasters Dog Training Began

Every good story has a beginning, and we definitely consider our story to be a great one. We have always felt our beginning was providential. Here’s why.

Our Dog Training Focuses on Amazing Control Without Harsh Equipment or Methods

At our workshops around the country, people are amazed at how we develop strong, responsive control with the craziest of dogs without using e-collars, choke chains, pinch collars, scruff-shaking, screaming, hitting, throwing things, etc. This video demonstrates this level of control with a high-strung German Shorthaired Pointer who wants nothing more than to retrieve his bumper. Just goes to show you why we’re rated as one of the best dog trainers in Denver.

We Specialize in High-Performance Obedience in High-Distraction Environments

In this video, Chewey, who is going through our obedience training, is doing a 200′-plus sit-stay in a high-distraction environment. Dogs in our programs must learn to perform their obedience skills in the presence of other dogs, people, squirrels, deer, alluring scents, and whatever other distractions get thrown their way.

We Have Had Lots of Cool Dog Training Accomplishments Over the Years

Although we don’t offer this service anymore — so please don’t ask — we used to train dogs for bedbug detection work. And we found a lot of bedbugs in the process. Because of the number of bedbugs we found in hotels, we now travel and stay in our RV whenever possible!

And Not Only Have We Trained Bird Dogs, We Also Trained a BRIDE Dog

One of our (very determined) clients, Karen, wanted us to train her dog to carry a basket of flowers up the aisle at her wedding! Well, we did it. I must give kudos to Karen on this. She knew what she wanted, and she made it happen, putting in many hours of homework to get her dog ready for the big day. Below is footage of the actual wedding procession and it made us tear up a bit to see the progress this pup has shown for the special day.

No Matter What We Do, We Try to Have a Good Time

This is what happens when dog trainers get bored. So if you don’t want to see more dog training videos like this, please keep us busy.

Training Dogs to Have Impulse Control is Critical

Back to some more serious stuff. Training dogs to maintain their composure around other dogs is a big deal. If you have an overly social dog, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Here is a little demo of our positive approach to this element of dog training.

Helping Dogs Overcome Their Fears is a Big Part of What We Do

Whether your dog is undersocialized, has been attacked by another dog, is freaked out by bicycles and skateboards, or just doesn’t feel safe in its own skin, the best dog trainer in Denver at FetchMasters can help. While hunting-related, this video gives you a good idea of how fearfulness can be overcome with positive methods. This dog was severely afraid of gunfire, an offense for which most dogs will wash out of traditional hunting programs.

We Love to Have Fun Sharing Our Dog Training Knowledge

Some people mistakenly think that dog training is mostly about training dogs. That is only the story. The other 50% is training people, and it is what really drives us — across the country! In 2016, we spent about 140 days on the road teaching others to do what we do. Whether you are a dog owner, client or another trainer, you will find that we LOVE working with people. That’s half the fun of this job as the best dog trainer in Denver.

We Are Trainers of Trainers

Again, while hunting dog related, this video gives you an idea of who we are as people and dog trainers. We host an annual 2-week workshop in Denver in which we help other established trainers learn our methods so that they can fill an important niche in the dog training community.

We Are Non-Judgmental and Easy Going

We do not care what your background is or what training your dog has already been through. If you want to learn from us, you will find yourselves among friends.