Total Dog Program: Dog Obedience Classes in Denver

At FetchMasters, we’re passionate about dog training and we know how frustrating it can feel when your dog doesn’t obey commands or becomes easily distracted. Our signature dog training program – The Total Dog Program – is designed to correct those issues through positive reinforcement techniques. The program features a series of structured dog obedience classes in Denver in which we take dogs from early puppy socialization stages to advanced outdoor obedience in prey-dense environments.

Total Dog Program: Dog Obedience Classes in Denver

What is the Total Dog Program?

This dog training program is ideal for those who want their dogs to be functional in Colorado’s amazing outdoor and open-space environments. It’s also a great solution for solving minor or intermediate behavior problems.

Whether you want to bring your dog along on hikes or improve their obedience in social settings, the Total Dog Program can help you achieve those goals. Not only will it improve obedience, but our dog obedience classes in Denver will enhance reliable recall (i.e., coming when called) in the toughest of environments.

The Total Dog Program at FetchMasters is our flagship program that progressively advances your dog through 3 different levels of goal sets, starting at Level One. These classes take place at our outdoor ranch setting in Bennett, just a few miles outside of Denver, and your dog will work in our fun and challenging outdoor training grounds. In this setting, they will learn to focus on you amidst the toughest of distractions.

To start, your dog will learn to function in the presence of other dogs and people, which are just a few of the biggest distractions that you can encounter. The ultimate goal of this training is to foster a stronger ability to perform all of their obedience skills in close proximity to a number of prey animals in a safe, controlled way.

Because the classes take place within our ranch environment, we have multiple prey animals on site (i.e., rabbits, birds, etc.) which we utilize in the training for reinforcement purposes. These prey animals have been raised in the presence of dogs and are counter-conditioned to their presence, so they will not be stressed during any training – we solely integrate them as obstacles and distractions in the training to enforce stronger obedience among the dogs. In addition, we always host our dog obedience classes with multiple safety protocols in place to protect our prey animals from any harm.

As with all other dog training programs at Fetchmasters, we develop and strengthen these skills and abilities in dogs through positive reinforcement techniques and without the use of heavy aversive techniques or equipment. That means there are no shock collars, no spray bottles, and no physical or verbal abuse. Instead, our dogs are trained with positive methods that are humane, fast, and increase motivation for more beneficial outcomes.

The Details on Our Dog Obedience Classes in Denver

Our Total Dog Program is not a walk in the park. It consists of 60 days of group classes and three separate private coaching sessions. While that sounds like a big commitment, it is necessary to fully instill the skills and abilities within your dog. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Group Classes – We’ll identify the most appropriate dog obedience classes in Denver for your furry friend and assign them accordingly:
    • All Things Puppy (for 12–24-week-old puppies) – Teaches socialization and very basic obedience skills
    • Mastering Manners (any dogs over 25 weeks) – Preliminary impulse control training and correcting most common behavior issues
    • Strong Foundations (Level One Obedience) – Building performance obedience
    • Mastering Distractions (Level Two & Three Obedience Training) – High-distraction obedience training in high-distraction environments
    • Tricks Galore! – Training alternates between fun tricks and non-competitive fun-gility courses
  • Private Coaching Sessions – Done in parallel with group classes during your first 3 weeks of training. Can be done in person at our location or virtually. We will focus on very basic obedience and household behavior issues, which are a big key to your success.
  • Semi-Optional Ongoing Training – After the first 60 days, you can continue with our classes for a monthly fee, and ongoing training can be paused or canceled at any time.

This dog training program is not only first-in-class in the area, but also highly flexible. We are constantly holding Total Dog Program classes weekly at our ranch, and classes take place three days a week. Our private coaching sessions can be held in a multitude of settings too.

Improve Recall, Obedience, and Other Skills with Our Dog Obedience Classes in Denver

Does your dog struggle to remain physically and mentally steady in difficult situations? Do they become immediately distracted in the presence of dogs, people, rabbits, birds, or other animals? If so, our Total Dog Program is a great fit for your dog.

Contact FetchMasters today to learn more about the Total Dog Program and find out if it’s the best solution for your dog training problems.