Three-Week Intensives

Our Three-Week Intensives are an excellent way for your dog to master specific skills without going through our more comprehensive Obedience Programs. Intensives are highly focused, in-your-home courses, and each of the three training sessions last about an hour.

Three Week Intensives - Denver Dog Trainer

House Training

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog would go to the bathroom outside instead of on your carpet? We will teach you to house train your dog without resorting to harsh (typically ineffective) methods like rubbing his nose in it. This course is a must for every dog owner who desires a more sanitary, better smelling house. In some cases, our Crate Training course may also be necessary.

Crate Training

Until your dog is fully trustworthy, allowing him to roam the house unsupervised is about as dangerous as leaving a toddler alone to wander the house — not a good idea. Crate training can be a safe, comfortable, management tool for keeping your dog out of trouble while you are away for short periods of time. This course will teach you how to make your dog’s crate a positive, desirable place.

Loose Leash Walking

Is your dog a beast on a leash? We will show you how to tame him using dog-friendly, positive methods (i.e. no choke chains, prong collars or other aversive devices or techniques). This course will make walking your dog much more fun and relaxing.

Basic Retrieving

Three Week Intensives - Denver Dog Trainer

Do you envy the folks in the park whose dogs tireless retrieve tennis balls? Whether for fun, exercise or utility, retrieving (also referred to as fetching) is one of the most useful and rewarding skills a dog can learn. Even dogs that do not show a strong drive to retrieve usually can be taught to enjoy this activity.

This course utilizes positive, dog-friendly methods to teach your dog to bring items to you on command. Depending on your dog’s aptitude and the skill level you aspire to, more than three weeks of training ultimately may be necessary. We will even bring a demo dog to show you what real retrieving is all about! We’re not called FetchMasters for nothing.

Preparing Dog for Baby

Are you concerned about how your dog will get along with the new baby you soon will be bringing home from the hospital? There are many things you can do prepare your dog for the sights, sounds and smells that come with your new baby. We will help you make it a positive experience for your dog.

Party Tricks

Looking for a fresh way to challenge your dog’s brain and/or impress your friends? Then teach your dog some new tricks — even if he is old! From jumping through hoops to playing dead, the sky is the limit. We can even teach your dog to open the fridge and bring you the refreshing beverage of your choice if you want to invest the time and effort into accomplishing such a gratifying goal. Let the good times roll!