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Frederick Van Johnson Interviews Thomas Aaron, Dog Photographer in Denver

To You, from Tom:

Dear Friend,

My earliest childhood memories are of dogs: a German Shepherd named Prince, who was my guardian angel while I played in the yard; Woody the coon hound, who I helped my dad train for hunting; a mix named Poodle, the first dog that was my sole responsibility to care for; a Mountain Feist named Pee Wee, who roamed the forested hills of West Virginia with me in my teenage years on endless hunts for small game and adventure.

Those dogs now exist only in my memories. How I would love to just see them again. But, to the best of my knowledge, not a single picture was taken of any of them. And as I age, my memories of these childhood friends get less vivid. I hate that.

Perhaps the weakening of certain memories over time is a gift, but not the memories of dogs gone by. Those memories deserve an enduring place in our hearts.

More than a decade ago, I happened upon immense joy when I found an abandoned puppy named Alie. It was finding her that led me away from my career in the tech industry and into dog training. I wanted to help other people discover the same joy in their own (often misbehaving) dogs that I found in Alie.

But as Alie ages, it becomes increasingly real to me that losing her is going to be dreadfully difficult. And I do not want my memories of her to fade into the past too.

It was in this realization that my passion for helping people remember the joy they found in their dogs began to evolve. I wanted to help my clients preserve their own precious memories.

My passion for photography suddenly was imbued with focus and meaning. My camera became an extension of my own mission in life.

I would be honored to help you preserve your own precious memories so that they can withstand the dulling effect of the passage of time. I will use my skillful understanding of both dog and camera to give you something meaningful and lasting that honors your dog and the relationship the two of you share.

Tom Aaron

The Process

Just fill out the brief form at the bottom of this page, and our dog photographer in Denver will contact you to discuss your photographic needs and to answer all of your questions.

During the call, we will learn more about your dog and the relationship the two of you share so that we can develop a plan to memorialize your lives together through our dog photography in Denver.


What if my dog is naughty?
No problem! Tom is a nationally recognized dog trainer. He can handle it; we know that it’ll all work out.

Where will the photoshoot be?
The options are limitless. We have a studio just east of Denver, Colorado. Or we can shoot at your home. And there are many beautiful outdoor locations in and around Denver. If you have a special location you like, we likely can make that work too. If you don’t, our dog photographer in Denver can suggest several beautiful areas.

Can I (or my family) be in some of the pictures?
Of course! You are your dog’s family! I’m sure they’d want you in the pictures too!

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Thomas Aaron: Dog Photographer in Denver
Thomas Aaron

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