Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup – Episode 2

Posted on March 2nd, 2018 by FetchMasters in Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup, News

Dog training in Denver was busy, educational and productive this week!

Both Linda and I (Tom) worked a number of 14 hour days, and I worked one 16 hour day. But the work was very focused, and we cannot wait to see the fruit it produces.

Dog Training in Denver (as I frequently say) is never dull. In fact, it can be downright tough. There are SO many people in need of help with their dogs. Which brings us to our video for the week.

Ariiz the Malinois

Last week I mentioned Ariiz, the severely abused malinios that could withstand zero pressure of any kind. Ariiz was extremely difficult to train, and Linda was about the only person Ariiz truly bonded with. So, Linda took the lead in our work with this difficult dog. Well, Ariiz went home yesterday after successfully completing the board-and-train part of his training. Wanna know how that is going? Check out this week’s video! We are so happy we did not give up on Ariiz, and we are going to stick with him until the end. But when you watch the video above, you will understand WHY WE TRAIN DOGS at FetchMasters.

A New Member of the FetchMasters Team

dog training in denverWe just hired a new senior-level dog trainer, Jessica (the one on the left), to the FetchMasters team. Jessica hails from a gun dog training background. In fact, FetchMasters trained Jessica several years ago in Positive Gun Dog Training. This means that her strengths lean towards off-leash reliability in high-distraction environments, making her a perfect fit for our team.

We have some very special plans for Jessica that we are keeping in our pocket until next Friday’s weekly round-up. Stay tuned to learn more! We won’t keep it under our hat for much longer!

The Learning Never Stops!

One of the most exciting elements of this past week was our intensive, company-wide training.

Topics covered during training:

  • One-on-one critiquing of our obedience training methods
  • A round-table, two-day workshop on our positive behavior modification approach
  • Updated information on our company vision and customer service policies

In Conclusion

Our lead trainer Savannah is back from maternity leave and has definitely re-established her supervisory role at FetchMasters. We are stoked to see how our week of training our dog trainers will pay off in terms of the kinds of dog training cases each of them can now take on.

And the toughest dog we’ve had in months, Ariiz the Malinois, reminded us why we do what we do. So, I’d call this week successful.

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