Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup – Episode 3

Posted on March 10th, 2018 by FetchMasters in Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup

New FetchMasters Locations, New Dog Trainers & Realized Dreams

When we created FetchMasters, the goal was never to get rich. The goal was to help as many people and dogs as possible by having several FetchMasters locations along the Colorado Front Range. But after trying different paths to our goal, and having both glorious successes and tragic failures, our dreams matured.

As we worked with more dogs, began to care deeply about more cleints, learned to select the ideal people for our team, and travelled the country listening to the stories of other dog trainers, we started to realize just how special our approach really is — and we believe it is significantly special. We soon began to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. How can we provide uncompromising quality and service to our clients, not just on the Front Range, but around the country?
  2. What is the most effective way to transfer our knowledge and ability to our trainers? And how can we provide ready support for them as they are in the field in Denver and beyond carrying out the FetchMasters vision?
  3. How can we proliferate our unique approach to positively training both hunting dogs and pet dogs beyond Denver? How do we take it into the whole country?
  4. How can we create a company that brings true opportunity to those who meet the demanding criteria for being FetchMasters dog trainers? And by opportunity, we mean opportunity in education, income, benefits and personal growth?

We spent a lot of money with consultants and attorneys investigating franchising. But in the end, it just did not allow us the versatility we wanted, and it did not support our dream. It would have limited the opportunity to those with the money to pay for it. I’m not knocking having money. But we wanted to give it to those who had the work ethic, motivation, love for animals, love for people and desire to earn the opportunity — with our support, encouragement and nurturing.

So, that is what we did. We have a long way to go before we can completely fulfill our goals, but the last two weeks have seen a major step in the right direction. How, you ask?

dog training in omahaYou may remember this young lady, Jessica. I mentioned last week that she was in Denver working with us. What I did NOT tell you, is that she is someone really special to us.

Years ago, she attended one of our Denver-based positive gun dog training workshops. Hailing from Nebraska, she returned there after the workshop to start her own positive gun dog training business. One of the very few in the U.S.

If you have never trained gun dogs, you have NO idea how strenuous it is, how difficult the dogs can be, and how much it engulfs your life.

But Jessica did it … on her own. And she earned her CPDT-KA dog training certification in the process. She is one tough cookie, and we wanted her on our team. So, we brought her to Denver, gave her some additional training, and now she is opening our Omaha, Nebraska, location!

Dog Training in Westminster, ColoradoAnd you may remember this young lady, Savannah. She is our Senior Dog Trainer, and she has literally worked her way up the ranks — from zero professional dog training experience to being a very solid and capable trainer. She participated with Jessica in a 10-day professional development program, designed to prepare them both to run their own FetchMasters locations.

That’s what we have been up to for the last two weeks!

Savannah is now running our North Metro Location, serving the I-25 corridor from I-70 to Erie, Colorado.

Both of these ladies represent the kinds of people we want to extend the FetchMasters opportunity to.

And they are not the only ones! More people are coming up through the ranks!

Denver Dog Trainers Denver Dog TrainersOur Dog Training Intern, Jessie, has been promoted to Junior Dog Trainer. Our Junior Dog Trainer, Harrison, has moved to the North Metro Location to work under Savannah’s tutelage in hopes of becoming a Senior Dog Trainer.

Both have amazing opportunities ahead of them and maybe someday in the not-so-distant future may run their own FetchMasters locations.

denver dog trainersBut wait! There’s more! We also hired another intern, Dana, who did amazingly well in the latest round of hands-on interviews. She passed muster with Linda, Savannah and Jessica. It is no easy task to wow these three ladies!

Dog training is Dana’s newly found passion. Now, she gets to experience it at a professional level. FetchMasters will provide the training, nurturing and support. We hope that someday Dana will have a FetchMasters location too!

In a nutshell, FetchMasters has been blessed over the years. So, we want to use FetchMasters to pay it forward to people who are eager for a true opportunity.

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