Reliable Recall Program

Improve your dog’s safety with a truly reliable recall

A recall (i.e. coming when called) is more than a simple trick. Your dog’s safety depends on it, and true off-leash reliability is impossible without it. However, obtaining a truly reliable recall, particularly under heavy distraction, can be challenging.

Reliable Recall Training

There are many factors involved in consistent recalls, and there are lots of reasons a dog may choose not to return to you. Dogs are intelligent, emotional animals and require some good reasons to choose you over squirrels, scent trails, other dogs and freedom. Methods that rely solely on treats or shock collars are subject to failure when the dog discovers a reward is not available or the source of punishment is removed.

Our Reliable Recall Program is a comprehensive training regimen that uses positive, dog-friendly training methods to make your dog eager to return to you. You will discover how leadership impacts the recall, as well as how to develop your own leadership to a high level; you will learn to avoid the mistakes that damage the recall; and you will learn to convince your dog that coming when called is desirable — even if he would rather be doing something else.

As your dog progresses through our training program, specialized techniques will be used to overcome the distractions that are particularly tempting to your dog. Ultimately, your dog must decide whether or not to return to you when called. FetchMasters will show you how to make his decision a no-brainer.

The Reliable Recall Program is offered in a private lesson format or in a semi-private group class setting, and it includes field trips to city parks and/or dog parks.

Duration: 5 weeks (approximately one class per week).

  • Dog must be at least 16 weeks old
  • Dog should ideally be proficient in Level One Obedience skills
  • Owner must show proof dog is current on vaccinations
  • 6-foot leash and buckle collar
  • 30-foot long lead