Dog Training in Denver and Omaha: Weekly Roundup – Episode 7

Posted on April 27th, 2018 by FetchMasters in Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup, News

Help Us Find a New Name for Our Dog Training Blog!

dog training in denver and omahaAs usual, dog training in Denver and Omaha continue to be a busy, fulfilling undertaking. You may notice that last week’s title did not include Omaha, but this one does. That’s because “Dog Training in Denver” no longer adequately describes what we do.

But this new title STILL doesn’t do the trick! We also have a location in Westminster, Colorado, that is not included. AND, we are exploring opening up a world-class positive gun dog training center in Illinois. And there are plans beyond that to expand to other states soon!

So, can you help us come up with an inclusive, descriptive name for our blog?

So far, the best suggestion we have is: Dog Training in Denver and the World. 🙂

Please email me your suggestions at [email protected].

Two New Customer Video Testimonials

Videography is not my strong suit. Period. But I did my absolute best.

Special Special Special thanks to Joy Casey and Trisha Duffy for helping me to produce these first-ever FetchMasters customer testimonial videos. I hope I can keep getting better.

Let us know what you think and how I can improve. Always open to constructive criticism. That’s how we get better.

Dog Training in Denver, Colorado

Great things are underway in Denver! We have some big surprises coming soon that I think will excite our clients. I know they excite our trainers. So far, we’ve only announced the surprise to a few key clients who will be early adopters. But, we’ll be going public with it soon. You gotta keep reading this blog to find out. (See how that works?) 🙂

Dog Training in Westminster, Colorado

Savannah just knocked it out of the park with a dog named Newton! The owners are wanting to write us a nice review, continue on to Level Two Obedience, and bring their new dog to us for Level One Obedience.

The Westminster trainers will be overseeing our Denver training while we travel at the end of May to three workshops in Kansas City; Columbia, Missouri; and Omaha.

Dog Training in Omaha, Nebraska

We’re working hard to increase our social media marketing presence in Omaha. That seems to get better results than other kinds of marketing we’ve tried. But we are slowly gaining steam there and finding new clients.

Jessica just trained a dog named Champ, and the owners were blown away at the amount of progress Champ made in a short period of time. Can’t wait to see the reviews!

If you live in Omaha, check us out. We’re starting to do some really good things there.


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