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Do you need a deeper understanding of how to reach a particular dog training goal? Are you dealing with a behavior issue that has become dire? Or are you interested in broadening your knowledge on positive dog training methods and techniques? Whatever the case may be, you can find what you’re looking for through FetchMasters’ workshops and our dog training classes in Denver.


Our highly experienced dog trainers have hosted all kinds of unique workshops for aspiring dog trainers and pet owners across the country since our company was founded in 2011. Many have flocked to our workshops and presentations over the years too because of our consistent accomplishments, numerous awards, and international recognition. People have come from all over to attend our past dog trainer academies and many more have sought out our services (even from Canada and the U.K.) because we know what we’re taking about.


In fact, we’ve trained other trainers all across the United States since 2017 for both high-performance obedience in high-distraction environments and for positive gun dog training. And prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, FetchMasters trained over 1,000 pet dogs each year and over 100 hunting dogs each year.


Regardless of whether you’re trying to improve your own dog training know-how or need to improve your pet dog’s obedience and behaviors, you’ll find the training services that you’re looking for at FetchMasters. Our trainers and insights can make all the difference and be a vital part of your success.


Check out some of the many dog training classes in Denver and across the country that we’ve hosted at FetchMasters over the years, and the many workshops that are on the horizon too. If you’re ready to register for one or have any questions, please contact our team of dog trainers today to learn more.

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