Workshop: Positively Training Dogs with High Prey Drive

Posted on January 13th, 2023 by FetchMasters in Uncategorized

Positively training dogs with high prey requires know-how, resources and a properly devised training environment. Without the correct set-up, training can be very haphazard and slow. This is because, once a dog spots a prey animal and reacts, the chance to train positively is pretty much gone. And once the prey animal leaves the scene, finding the next one typically is a matter of chance.

At FetchMasters, our approach takes complete control of the training scenario. We control the type of prey animal the dog encounters and the distance between the prey animal and the dog. This is super crucial to efficient training. Our set-up also allows us to control the frequency at which the dog encounters prey animals.

Because of our ability to control the training environment, dogs get ample opportunity to practice their skills, and thus they make very quick progress.

And maybe best of all, our animals are also our pets and are raised around (and thus unafraid of) dogs. We protect them in our training scenarios so that nobody gets stressed out or injured.

In this this workshop, we will work with you and your dog through some key aspects of our approach including:

  • Proper handling of your dog in a prey-filled environments
  • Core skills your dog must have in order to successfully remain calm around prey animals
  • Exposing your dog to several prey animals and training in their presence
  • Personalized coaching throughout the workshop by FetchMasters’ trainers

When: Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023. Workshop will run from 1-4 PM
Where: The FetchMasters Ranch (15 minutes east of Denver, just off I-70)
How Much: $75 per person/dog team
Spots Available: 15
How to Enroll: email [email protected] to request your spot.
Discount: People who reserve their spot by Jan 31st will receive a 10% discount
Enrollment fees are non-refundable but can be used towards future FetchMasters training.

NOTE: This workshop is NOT available to dog-aggressive or human-aggressive dogs.