Training the Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog Positively

Posted on August 6th, 2018 by FetchMasters in Aggression Training, Positive Dog Training

If you live with (or close to) dogs, sooner or later you likely will encounter aggression in some form or other.

The other day, dog aggression hit home. My neighbor’s aggressive German Shepherd passed under our mutual fence line and attacked my German Shorthaired Pointer. Fortunately, no dogs were injured in the process, although breaking up the fight was not pretty. But it could have ended in tragedy.

Evidently, the invisible fence / shock collar system the neighbor uses failed. Or the dog just blew through it. The invisible fence might also be contributing to the dog’s aggression towards its neighbors (but that is for another article). Either way, I needed to fix the problem forthwith. We use our entire acreage daily and cannot practice avoidance to appease this particular aggressive dog.

Unable to contact the neighbor for a few days, I decided to take a harmless and positive approach to solving this dog aggression problem. Since most of the videos online promote a confrontational approach to unruly neighbor-dogs, I thought filming my positive process and posting it online would make a good addition (and present a different perspective) to the body of information available on dealing with aggression problems as they pertain to neighbor-dogs.


UPDATE: I recently had a chance to speak to the neighbor, and he was thankful for my approach and demeanor in handling the issue in his absence.

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