Positive Pet Dog Trainer Program

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Duration and Price: See Required Course Numbers Below and Course Catalog for dates and pricing.

Deposit: $1000 (non-refundable)

CEU’s: Yes, with CCPDT (Authorization Pending)

Our Positive Pet Dog Trainer Program will educate you academically and provide hands on coaching and lots of hands on work to help you become a professional-grade pet dog trainer. It covers basic and advanced positive training principles, high-distraction obedience and off-leash reliability, and solving both basic and advanced behavior problems. See course catalog for additional details about what is covered.

Price: $1000 per course. So, $5,000-9,000 depending on whether or not you take optional courses below. Courses are discounted $250 each when taken as part of a certificate program — as opposed to individually. See course catalog for additional pricing details.

Course Size: 2-10 people.

Certificate Given to Passing Students: Yes

CEU’s: Yes, with CCPDT (Details Pending)

To Apply: Fill out our online application and pay a $1000 non-refundable deposit. If you are not accepted into the program, your deposit will be refunded. If you are accepted into the training program, your deposit will be applied to the program price.

Next Program Start Date: TBA

Required Courses:

Course 1: History, Stages of Development and Dog Selection

1 Week  – Optional depending on verifiable previous education.

Course 2: Training Concepts

1 Week  – Optional depending on previous verifiable education. That said, if you have not previously trained other species, we recommend taking this class.

Course 3: Functional Skills for Life (Obedience 1)

1 Week – We *may* waive this class depending on verifiable (usually video) proof of proficiency. Please be prepared for it *not* to be waived.

Course 4: Positively Developing Reliability

1 Week

Course 5: Field-Grade Obedience (Obedience 2)


Course 6: Scent Work and the Positive Trained Retrieve


Course 7: Solving Common Behavior Problem (Behavior Modification 1)


Course 8: Solving Advanced Behavior Problem (Behavior Modification 2)


Course 9: Running a Successful Dog Training Business

1 Week  – Optional. Additionally, students who do not complete and pass the above courses may not be permitted to take this course. In this case, the tuition for this course will be refunded.