Podcast: Why Is My Dog Crazy?

Posted on July 10th, 2020 by FetchMasters in Uncategorized

As dog trainers in the Denver area, we hear it all the time:

  • My dog is dumb.
  • My dog is stubborn.
  • My dog is out of control.
  • My dog is crazy.

Ascribing such qualities to a dog is usually incorrect. There are reasons that dogs are the way they are. Though they may seem “dumb” or “stubborn,” and while they well may be “out of control,” those designations tend to draw our minds away from the inquiry that leads to the reasons we are having difficulty with our dogs.

Dog training — whether you are going it on your own or seeking the assistance of a professional trainer — requires a better understanding of the nature of dogs and how they learn.

In this podcast, I will talk about two of the three main reasons that dogs may be difficult. (If you are already a FetchMasters client or a member of any of our online services and the premium content that comes with those services, you will receive a link to the full podcast, which has the third reason.)

Enjoy! Let us know if you need any help training your dog!