Free Dog Training Assistance Nationwide During Coronavirus Emergency

Posted on March 17th, 2020 by FetchMasters in Uncategorized

Lots of our clients are stuck at home, unable to go to work, and coping with children out of school … and sometimes unruly dogs.

FetchMasters Dog Training has been searching for a way to reach out and help as much as possible. We are struggling with all the same things you are, but we are determined to let Coronavirus bring out the BEST in us rather than the WORST.

So, we are offering 100% FREE dog training consultation via video conferencing, phone and email to ANYONE in the UNITED STATES who is being impacted and isolated by the Coronavirus emergency. We’ll give you as much consultation as you need for ONE MONTH without charging you a penny. Period.

How do you get it?

Simply go to FetchMasters Distance Coaching and sign up. The free month of training assistance is already built into the system. No codes needed.

What are we offering?

In a nutshell … everything.

  • All the real-time access to our amazing dog trainers that you need via Video Consultations, Phone or Email.
  • Completely guided, self-paced training plans to help you achieve your dog training goals.
  • Access to our dog training forums so that you can benefit from the help we’ve given others.
  • Entry into our online, weekly member mixers, where you can get to know your fellow members and talk dog.
  • Access to our webinars and online trainings.
  • Access to our online group classes (next class starts in April)

Do you have to enter your credit card?

Unfortunately, there is no way in our software system to let you into the website without entering your credit card. That said, if you cancel your no-obligation membership within one month, you will never see a charge from us.

What’s the catch?

We know it’s hard to believe. But we are just trying to help.

The only “catch” would be that if you do not cancel your membership within 30 days, you will get recurring billing for $9.99/month. If you like the service, you are welcome to stay. If not, no problem … we will do our level best to help you as much as possible over the next month. There you have it folks … full disclosure.

Oh, and we cannot help you “cure” dog-on-dog or dog-on-human aggression, although we can help you understand how to better manage it.

So, come on over to the FetchMasters Distance Coaching Program and let’s get rolling!