Dog Training Tips for the Impatient Owner

Posted on June 16th, 2012 by FetchMasters in Behavior Modification, Positive Dog Training

Here is a list of dog training tips I catch myself repeating often enough that I thought they were worth memorializing. Most of them are geared towards teaching dog owners to exercise patience when training their dogs. If you have any to add to the list, I would love to hear them.

  • Your dog is not a furry, four-legged robot. He has a mind of his own, a unique personality, and preferences. While we cannot program him like a computer, we certainly can train him.
  • There is not a switch to flip that will make this particular behavior problem go away — even though popular dog training shows make it look that way. They only have thirty minutes to show you the problem, the solution and the results — but not all the work that went into implementing the solution.
  • If your dog did not get that way overnight, he probably won’t stop acting that way overnight.
  • If you do not complete your homework, your dog will tell on you — every single time. As your dog trainer, I will not scold you. It just may take additional sessions and more money to achieve your goals.
  • Some dog trainers say that if you do not have time to train your dog, you should not have a dog. I say, if you do not have time to train your dog, you are too busy and need to make time. It will add enjoyment to both of your lives.
  • Sure, re-homing your dog is an option. Then somebody else can clean up the mess.
  • Yes, the shelter will take your dog back. Sure, they will try to find him another home. If your dog is lucky, they will succeed. If not … well, sometimes tough decisions have to be made.
  • So, you want your dog to bite you when you play, but not bite your kids when they play with him? Let’s talk about that.

Truthfully, these dog training tips or more like admonitions to have a realistic attitude and a dedication to helping your dog achieve success.

Do you have any dog training tips you would like to share for impatient owners? If so, add them to our facebook page with the header “Dog Training Tips.”