Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup – Episode 5

Posted on March 30th, 2018 by FetchMasters in Uncategorized

Would anyone like to test their dog training skills against our new trainer, Bennie? Watch the video below before you agree to challenge him!

From Denver to Omaha …

Linda and I started the week visiting our awesome dog trainer, Jessica, in Omaha. The weather was a bit on the dank side, but we got to spend some quality time with her. We also got to hang out with Kevin and Courtney of Paw Spa Pet Resorts (which does a phenomenal job of housing and caring for our dogs).

Kevin has a quick sense of humor and immediately made us feel like family. He took us on a tour or his state-of-the-art facility. Kevin designed a unique, beneath-the-floor flushing system for Paw Spa that carries away the dogs’ waste with little human work — a very impressive set-up.

Courtney (the General Manager) is a energetic dynamo and a no-bull-get-it-done-er. I’m going to have to take lessons from her. She made sure all of our problems were solved, questions were answered, and logistics were in order. She definitely left us with no doubt we are in the best possible hands.

It became very obvious that Paw Spa’s motto should be: “Elegant and Efficient.” Everything in the facility is designed with those two goals in mind.

dog training in omahaPuppy Break!

Here is a picture of Winnie, one of our Omaha dogs in training. This little Bernadoodle is doing L1 Obedience from the ground up and rocking it. She’s got a great, highly-social personality. However, that sort of personality sometimes lends itself to dogs struggling to control their impulses around people or other dogs. Forgunately, this is exactly the kind of thing we are excellent at remedying.

After the board-and-train portion of the training, Jessica is going to work with Winnie’s owners via a couple in-home sessions. She will be leveraging Winnie’s newly developed obedience to resolve some issues Winnie is having in the home environment.

And Back to Denver …

Arriving back to work in Denver on Tuesday, we resumed training our stable of home-town pups in need of work.

Fortunatey, we had the help of a very special trainer!

You may remember our Facebook post from a while back in which Bennie, our Sr. Trainer’s son, drew a picture and wrote a letter to Linda asking for FetchMasters let him train dogs. So … wish granted, Bennie! Thanks for helping us out, buddy!

Check out this amazing video of a top-notch dog trainer in action!

We’ll put Bennie up against any trainer. Contact us to arrange a competition.

Thanks to all our amazing clients. I wish I had time to feature every client, dog and trainer in every post. We’re beyond thankful for everyone who makes FetchMasters the phenomenon it has become. We stand on the shoulders of giants — amazing clients and skilled teachers who have given us the opportunity, desire and know-how to knock it out of the park.