Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup – Episode 1

Posted on February 23rd, 2018 by FetchMasters in Dog Training in Denver: Weekly Roundup

Another week of dog training in Denver comes to an end, and it was not a boring one! It was full of hard work, success and good news. As usual, I cannot thank the FetchMasters team enough. The amount of work they do is voluminous, astounding and quality, so thank you guys.

I plan to post this weekly roundup on (most) Fridays to let our clients and friends know what goes on beind the scenes in an organization like FetchMasters. Also, I want to regularly provide recognition for our team members. They are really doing good things that make a difference to dogs and their owners. They deserve some recognition.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Denver Dog Trainer: Savannah

  • Monday we get our senior dog trainer, Savannah, back from maternity leave! It was hard filling her shoes for the two-plus months she was was gone. Hopefully we have not screwed things up too badly in her absence. If we did, she will let us know and whip us back into shape. An exciting opportunity is coming to fruition in Savannah’s dog training career. You’ll be hearing more about that in a couple of weeks.
  • Our dog training intern, Jessie, has been promoted to Junior Dog Trainer and offered permanent employment with FetchMasters, to take effect week after next! She has earned it. Jessie is a hard worker, a smart lady, and has become an effective dog trainer at our board-and-train facility. Next week, she will attend some dog behavior modification classes we are conducting. This will give her the groundwork to move forward in her career.
  • We soon will hire another intern to fill the vacancy Jessie is leaving in her advancement wake! Several people have applied and are in queue and awaiting interviews. Who will be the winner of a new career? We will anounce the new intern soon!

dog training

  • Linda has made some very hard-won and difficult progress with a Belgian Malinois we are training. The dog apparently was severely abused and can withstand zero pressure of any kind. At the least sign of anything other than complete calm and gentleness, the dog’s fear mechanism kicks in and he starts alligator rolling. The approach with this dog must remain pretty near 100% positive reinforcement. Nevertheless, good strides were made with him this week thanks to a lot of devotion and endurance. We are going to help this dog. Period. No matter what it takes.
  • Our team trained reliable recall with a little Maltese named Maddie. You may not think of these little guys as outdoor companions, but Maddie has a recall (coming when called) that is the envy of dogdom! She came to us with zero training and now acts like she was born to come when called! We are focusing on her recall, as the owner has a disability that makes her nearly immobile. So far, so good!

  • We finished up the current Fun Foundations Group Class segment. The attendees did a fantastic job, and our new class format seems to really be engaging and successful. We have only been offering group classes for a relatively short period of time, and it took a while for us to really get it right. But I think we have arrived. The next segment starts on March 1st. We’d love to have you join us.There have been a lot of other great success with our dogs and clients, but we felt these represented the core highlights of our week. As I move forward with these updates, I plan to keep better weekly notes so that nothing important gets left out.

    If you have any questions about our dog training, please Contact Us. Always happy to nerd out about dogs.