FetchMasters Distance Coaching Program

FetchMasters Distance Coaching gives you real-time one-on-one access to your FetchMasters trainer. Additionally, the scheduling of trainer interactions is far quicker and more flexible than with traditional private coaching arrangements.

Our use of technology allows us to see your home environment and provide instruction while we watch you work with your dog. And it lets YOU watch US demonstrate correct training protocols — almost exactly like the interaction you would receive from a trainer in your home.

In addition to expert, real-time guidance from our trainers, you also will have access to our online reference library of dog training materials (videos, podcasts, written tutorials, etc …). These resources primarily serve as notes you can reference as you follow the training program set up for you by your FetchMasters trainer.

Is Distance Coaching Right for Me?

In most cases where private in-your-home training is a good fit for you, FetchMasters Distance coaching would be an excellent choice. But by far the best way to determine this is to fill out our contact form and let’s set up a phone call to discuss it. A careful analysis of your training needs will help us assess whether distance coaching is a good fit, or whether a different training option would make more sense.

How do I get Started?

If you have questions about whether or not distance coaching is a good fit for your training goals, we would love to chat with you on the phone about it. Just fill out our contact form.

A Recent Testimonial

dog training distance coaching

I was getting desperate with my 3yr old herding mix girl – even thought about getting a shock collar. She had a poor recall and wanted to chase anything that moved. I just couldn’t bring myself to inflict the damage that a e-collar could do, so I searched on the Internet for people who dealt with prey-driven dogs. This led me to FetchMasters, who does not use e-collars.

Living in Canada, I could not send my dog to Denver so Thomas Aaron, owner and one of the trainers at FetchMasters, agreed to help us via distance coaching. I cannot say enough good things about his dedication, timely responses, great advice, and excellent knowledge. We exchanged e-mails, I sent him videos, we Skyped – Tom went over and above my expectations. 

I can now call her to me in most situations…and all of this done without the need of an e-collar.

If you are willing to do the work, FetchMasters Distance Coaching can get you to your goals.

In summary, I 150% recommend FetchMasters Distance Coaching. 

Thank you Tom!

-Barbara Mazur, Canada