Board and Train Programs

Before deciding that board-and-train is right for your dog, please review THIS BLOG POST and the associated podcast episode.

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19, we currently are not offering board-and-train services and we are not keeping a waiting list. We will update this page and notify folks via email and social media when that changes.

Our board and train programs provide intensive, focused dog training that will create profound increases in your dog’s skills and performance level, as well as provide tools for solving most beheavior problems — all without the use of harsh, punitive methods or equipment. (Read more about Our Approach to Dog Training.)

During the course of the day, your dog will be housed in our comfortable, safe boarding environment and cared for by skilled kennel staff, while receiving 4-6 intensive training sessions per day by some of Denver’s best dog trainers.

Additionally, each of our board and train programs includes private coaching sessions so that you can learn the essentials of handling your dog and maintaining its training.

Board and Train Programs

Level One Obedience Board and Train – Home, Outdoors and On-Leash

If you only do one dog training program with your dog, this program will pay dividends for your dog’s lifetime.

Many clients often are surprised to learn that, despite previous effort put into training their dogs, their dogs still have not achieved our Level One Obedience performance standards. This flagship dog training program is sufficient for the needs of 90% of dogs and will produce amazing increases in skill and performance. Additionally, it provides you and your dog with the tools necessary for solving most canine behavior problems.

Your dog will learn all common obedience behaviors to a strong and usable degree, and then we will train you to correctly handle and maintain your dog. For a better idea of the benefits of our Level One Obedience curriculum, please read its description on our In Home Dog Training page. The results are roughly the same in a board-and-train environment, only progress is made more quickly than what usually is possible in a private coaching scenario.

Level Two Obedience Board and Train – Field and FunBoard and Train - Denver Dog Training

If you are looking for off-leash reliability for your hiking or camping buddy, our Level Two Obedience program is the logical next stage of your dog’s training journey.

In this program, we focus on adding distance, duration and distraction to your dog’s Level One Obedience skills. Your dog will recieve tons of practice working in close proximity to humans, other dogs, and wildlife.

Our proven and well-know FetchMasters Reliable Recall Program is now bundled into our Level Two Obedience curriculum, creating an additional layer of safety and reliability in outdoor environments.

Additionally, we will begin “proofing” your dog’s behavior so that it becomes much more dependable in difficult situations. And we do all of this without the use of harsh or punitive techniques or equipment.

Level Three Obedience – Unsurpassed Control

If you want a highly interactive relationship with your dog in difficult environments and additional control over your dog’s movement and direction, our Level Thee Obedience program is the next step in your dog’s training.

Our Level Three Obedience program builds on your dogs Level One Obedience and Level Two Obedience programs by adding directional control via hand signals and whistle commands. It also includes and “emergency stop” command to stop your dog on a dime to keep him out of dangerous situations. Additional work is also put into improving your dog’s performance amidst difficult distractions.

The skills in this program are adapted for pet dogs, but hail from our nationally respected Positive Gun Dog Training program.

Intensive Leash Aggression Board-and-Train Program

This program now has its own page. To learn more about it, please Click Here.


Are our board and train programs a good fit for your situation?

Our board and train programs are ideal for people who:

  • do not have the time or scheduling flexibility to participate in our private coaching or in home dog training programs.
  • are going to be traveling, need boarding for their dogs, and want that time to be spent productively.
  • would like an expert positive reinforcement dog trainer to spend dedicated time intensively working with their dog to achieve a specific set of training objectives.

A Day in the Life

We often are asked what a dog’s day is like in our board and train clinics. So here it is:

  • Each dog has a highly structured daily regimen.
  • Our kennel techs ensure dogs are fed and cared for and clean all kenneks both on a set schedule and on an as-needed basis if additional cleanings are necessary.
  • Dogs are given multiple trips outdoors to do their business each day in our 2500 square foot fenced in play yard.
  • Dogs are given an appropriate amount of exercise and mental stimulation each day.
  • Our trainers rotate through dogs multiple times daily and ensure each dog is making progress in his tightly designed curriculum.
  • Dog’s receive daily, frequent, positive human interaction.
  • Dogs receive controlled, structured interaction with other dogs as appropriate.

The Environment

The FetchMasters Ranch near Denver, Colorado, provides an active, outdoor lifestyle complete with fresh air, rabbits, birds, fun and intensive training.

We are PACFA licensed by the Department of Agriculture. We also maintain strict security, safety and health standards to make sure all dogs are appropriately cared for, interacted with and maintained to our uncompromising standards. A local mobile vet is available on a moment’s notice should a dog need attention.

FetchMasters trainers excel at training working-dog level obedience using humane, positive techniques, and we are expert at applying this standard of training to pet dogs as well as hunting dogs. We want the highlight of every dog’s day to be his training sessions, and everything about our facility, the structure of the dog’s daily life, and our training programs are designed to build within your dog a powerful desire to train and learn.

To learn more about our board and train options, contact us online or give us a call at (720)837-2573.