Real-World Socialization

Enjoy the great outdoors with your dog

Dog socialization requires exposing and desensitizing your dog to the sights, sounds, places, and people it will encounter in everyday life. While typical group training sessions provide a start to socialization, they usually are not comprehensive enough to produce a well-adjusted dog. FetchMasters’ highly skilled dog trainers will help you thoroughly and realistically socialize your dog so that you can enjoy all the beautiful public outdoor areas Denver has to offer.

Real-World Socialization

Our Real-World Socialization program consists of one in-home consultation four field trips in which your dog will be exposed to many common stimuli. Your trainer will also teach you how to react to various stimuli, as dogs often pay very close attention to the cues we give them. As your dog learns to socialize properly, you will learn to communicate effectively with passers-by about how to safely interact with your dog.

This program is may not be suitable for dogs who are aggressive or severely fearful. However, it may be useful after such dogs receive some preliminary behavior modification training.

Our Real-World Socialization program is offered throughout the Denver metro area in a private lesson format or in a semi-private group class setting.

Duration: 5 weeks (approximately one class per week)

  • Dog must be at least 16 weeks old
  • Owner must show proof dog is current on vaccinations
  • 6-foot leash and buckle collar
  • Dog must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people