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Meet our Nationally Recognized Denver Dog Trainers

Thomas Aaron CPDT-KA, ABCDT -and- Linda Aaron CPDT-KA

Denver Dog Trainers Thomas and Linda Aaron are the owners of FetchMasters. Tom is a certified dog trainer through both Animal Behavior College  and the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT).

Linda instructed canine and equine massage therapy for the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage before leaving that job to continue supporting the growth and success of FetchMasters Dog Training. She also is a certified dog trainer through CCPDT.

Both Tom and Linda specialize in high-performance obedience and off-leash reliability in high distraction environments, as well as behavior modification for a number of dog behavior problems.

Denver Dog Trainers: Thomas Aaron CPDT-KA, ABCDT

Tom grew up in West Virginia and was introduced to the dog world by his father who raised and trained hunting hounds. He spent his early years hunting for small game in the mountains of West Virginia with a dog known as a “bench-legged feist.”

Linda grew up in New Mexico, competing in junior rodeos and spending countless hours in the barn and pasture with her horse and faithful cattle dog who watched over their family’s livestock.

Tom spent several years in the military and tech industry and badly needed a change of pace. When they found a Labrador Retriever puppy in the high desert near Alamosa, Colorado, Linda suggested that Tom train the pup for bird hunting as a way to get outdoor

Denver Dog Trainers: Linda Aaron CPDT-KA

s more.

However, the puppy was fearful and could not withstand the harsher methods used by traditional gun dog trainers. So, Tom began researhing ways to train the dog using positive reinforcement methods. This decision led to their researching the capabilities of positive training methods in high distraction environments on thousands of pet dogs and hunting dogs in Colorado, which quickly built their reputations as the go-to trainers for off-leash reliability in and around Denver.

Their knowledge has culminated in the formation of the region’s only Positive Gun Dog Training Program, the nationally known Positive Gun Dog Association, and being featured on the blog of Victoria Stillwell (host of Animal Planets “It’s Me or the Dog”).

When not training dogs, Tom and Linda travel nationwide giving workshops designed to teach hunting dog owners and other dog industry professionals how to train high-drive dogs without the use of shock collars, choke chains or other aversive techniques or devices.

Recipients of the 2016 Denver A-List first-place award for having the best dog training in Denver, Tom and Linda feel that providing world-class dog training and customer service is their calling.

Denver Dog Trainer: SavannahSavannah – Senior Trainer

Savannah has always loved animals of all kinds. She started taking a special interest in helping dogs when she was 16 by fostering dogs and helping them recover from various bad situations. To succeed at this, she spent a lot of time learning about canine behavior and positive training methods. She loves helping dogs learn the skills and behaviors necessary to integrate smoothly into a home environment.

A hard worker who never complains, Savannah went through a lengthy and and demanding training process to learn FetchMasters’ appropach to training, behavior modification and customer service.

While she provides both private coaching and teaches group classes, the bulk of Savannah’s time is spent ensuring our board-and-train dogs are meeting their performance objectives and supervising our junior trainers in their day-to-day training tasks.

At home, Savannah  has two rescued pitbulls Myah and Reagan. The two provide her and her family with unconditional love, cuddles,and laughter.

Denver Dog Trainers - The FetcMasters TeamThe Whole Gang

Behold! The FetchMasters Dog Training Team all in one place! Just thought we’d throw in a picture of us at our recent holiday lunch. In addition to the dog trainers listed above, Harrison (Junior Trainer) is pictured at the right, and Jessi (Dog Training Intern) is pictured at the left. Both of them pull a heavy load with our board-and-train dogs, and we could not do what we do without them.