Board and Train Clinics

In our board and train clinics, we typically can achieve the same goals as with private, in-home dog training, but in a much shorter amount of time. Our positive reinforcement training methods are humane and produce lasting results, and our staff are among the best, most experienced dog trainers in Denver.

Our Clinics

Level One Obedience Clinic
In this two-week, intensive clinic, your dog will learn his basics: Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave-It, leash walking, etc.

Denver Board & Train Clinics

Level Two and Level Three Obedience Clinics
Each of these two-week board and train clincs are designed to teach your dog to be responsive in higher distraction environments and push him towards off-leash reliability.

Leash Walking Clinic
If you think you’ve tried everything to get your dog to walk well on a leash, you haven’t. In this two-week clinic, our expert trainers daily teach some of the highest energy dogs in Denver to walk politely on a leash in high distraction environments. We can teach your dog too.

Leash Aggression Clinic
Does your dog lunge or bark at every dog it encounters on walks? This 4-week clinic combines the Leash Walking Clinic with our leash aggression know-how to achieve amazing results.

Three Wishes Clinic
This is a highly customized clinic, in which we customize a curriculum and set a time frame that will suit your dog and your training objectives.

Ongoing Support

Board and Train - Denver Dog Training

All training requires continued reinforcement by the dog’s owner. Each of our board and train options includes a thorough hand-over session tailored to your needs, in which you will receive instruction on how to maintain your dog’s new skills, as well as ongoing phone and email support.

Is It For You?

Are our board and train clinics a good fit for your situation?
Our Board and Train clinics (located at our Stapleton-area dog training facility on Niagara Street in Denver, Colorado) provides arguably some of the best dog training in Denver and are designed to serve clients who…

  • do not have the time or scheduling flexibility to participate in our private, in-home dog training.
  • are going to be traveling, need boarding for their dogs, and want that time to be spent productively.
  • would like an expert positive reinforcement dog trainer to spend dedicated time intensively working with their dog to achieve a specific set of training objectives.

A Day in the Life
We often are asked what a dog’s day is like in our board and train clinics. So here it is:

  • Each dog has a highly structured daily regimen.
  • Our kennel techs ensure dogs are fed and cared for and clean all kennel enclosures twice daily.
  • Dogs are given multiple trips to our “pottie box” each day.
  • Dogs receive frequent walks to and around a local park (the number of walks per week being determined partially by the training regimen the dog is on).
  • Our trainers rotate through dogs daily and ensure each dog is making progress in his tightly designed curriculum.
  • Dog’s receive daily, frequent, positive human interaction.
  • Dogs receive controlled, structured interaction with other dogs (depending on the training regimen the dog is on).

The Environment
Our 24-dog kennel facility is licensed by the Department of Agriculture, houses a combination of hunting dogs and pet dogs, and is staffed by kennel technicians (who see to the cleanliness of the facility and the dogs’ well-being) and professional dog trainers (who make sure every dog receives focused, intensive training on a daily basis).

Our facility maintains strict security standards and is monitored 24/7 by video cameras that produce motion and sound alerts whenever the facility is closed.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A DOGGIE DAYCARE OR A STANDARD BOARDING FACILITY; it is a working-dog training facility that staffed by competent trainers and provides highly focused training. FetchMasters excels at training working-dog level obedience using humane, positive reinforcement techniques, and we are expert at applying this standard of training to pet dogs as well as hunting dogs. While our facility is spartan, it is spartan for a reason: We want the highlight of every dog’s day to be his training sessions, and everything about our facility, the structure of the dog’s daily life, and our training programs are designed to build within your dog a powerful desire to train and learn.

To learn more about our board and train options, contact us online or give us a call at (720)837-2573.