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Positive Dog TrainingPlease ask us about our current discounts on dog training in and around Denver, Colorado.

Our specialty is training high-functionality obedience in high-distraction environments and solving a host of behavior issues without the use of shock collars, choke chains or other aversive techniques or tools. In fact, we travel the country teaching other trainers to train high-performance hunting dogs the way we do. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and helping you train an exceptional dog for family, fun or field.

Private Coaching at Our Location — Currently offering a $50 Discount on our 5-Session private coaching packages IF the sessions are held at our facility in Aurora. These packages provide a focus on high-performance dog training and solving behavior problems and allow for maximum customization.

Board-and-Train (2 Weeks) — Currently offering a $100 Discount. This program will give your dog a superb obedience foundation and includes private coaching sessions for you as well.

Board-and-Train (4-Weeks) — Currently offering a $150 Discount. This program is excellent for developing strong progress towards off-leash reliability and is an excellent option for solving severe leash reactivity issues.

Intensive Leash Aggression Board-and-Train (3-Weeks) — Currently offering a $125 Discount. This program is designed to solve leash reactivity and leash aggression issues.

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